Software Development Mastery


It’s as simple as turning on your computer

Once upon a time, building your own software empire meant becoming another Microsoft or Bill Gates. And that took plenty of time, plenty of money, and plenty of resources.

Nowadays, it’s as simple as turning on your computer.

Well, maybe not THAT simple. But having a computer is really all it takes to own, operate, and develop a software business.

Just having access to the Internet :

– You can brainstorm and come up with ideas.
– You can find out what type of products do or don’t already exist.
– You can determine exactly what people want and need.
– You can locate and hire a programmer.
– You can create software graphics (or have them created).
– You can promote and sell your finished products.

And when you think about the fact that you can do all those things without leaving the comfort of your home, it’s pretty amazing. Plus, the cost of creating and developing software is no where near what it used to be.

Instead of having to travel long distances or settle for whatever programmer is located within a reasonable distance from you (and whatever price they happen to charge), you can easily choose
from any number of qualified programmers throughout the world.

For each project you put out there, you’ll have numerous professionals vying for your business,each one trying to outbid the other. And in most instances, that means coming up with a bid that
is lower than the next guy.

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